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    Gravitational Potential and Coordinate Time Increment on Earth's Oblate Geoid:          
      Gravitational Potential:  
          Grav. (1) Quadrupole (2) centripetal (3)  
    Earth radius at pole   degrees min Earth radius at lat. -GM/r (GMa^2J/2r^3)*(3cos^2q-1) (-0.5*W^2r^2sin^2q) Total: (1+2+3) F(r): (1+2) -GM/r^2
    latitude 1
    Earth radius average latitude 2
    Earth radius at equator          
    cos(lat) sin(lat) cos(lat) sin(lat)  
    Earth W average  
    a*a*cos(lat) b*b*sin(lat) a*a*cos(lat) b*b*sin(lat)  
    Earth Velocity rW  
    a*cos(lat) b*sin(lat) a*cos(lat) b*sin(lat)  
    pr2 =A  
    Earth Mass            
    Coordinate Time Increment at Latitude (dt):  
    ns in one day Grav. Quadrupole centripetal      
    (-GM/r)/c^2 GMa^2J(3Cos^2q-1)/(2c^2r^3) W^2*r^2*sin^2q/2c^2 Total:  
    GM diff.  
    quadrupole coeff. J Clock Total in ns/day diff. In meters from ideal Geoid:      
    latitude 1 m      
    c^2 latitude 2 m  
    diff. in ns    
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