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Graphical Exposition of the Michelson Morley Experiment:        
  L C v LC LC        
  1/g yes/no?      
    forward return          
    ctf ctr          
    angle f: angle f:          
The angle f is the imaginary angle of the mirror after taking        
into account the aberration and the Lorentz contraction        
L is the length of a side of the beam splitter          
ct is the virtual length of the upper side of the beam splitter        
after accounting for aberration and Lorentz contraction        
Adapted from Fig. 3 of Ives 1937 paper.          
If the Lorentz contraction is =1, then the angles of the beams        
reaching the detector do not match. (LC yes/no = 0)        
This is clear at 0.5C where the angle difference is large.        
Without the Lorentz contraction, the beams diverge.        
When LC yes/no is =1, then the Lorentz contraction is added        
and the angle match at 30 and 60 degrees.  
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D. Marett 2013  
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