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        Sagnac Interferometer / Fibre-Optic Gyroscope (FOG):        
      Determining the Measured Speed of Light in the Rotating Frame  
      Sagnac loop Length L (m) wavelength of light  
      Loop radius (m) light speed C (stationary frame):  
      number of loops Rotational velocity v (m/s)  
      area of loop (m2):      
      ..........Sagnac Eq. 1 Rotation Values: .............. …......Sagnac Eq. 2 Rotation Values:….....      
      Using Eq. 1 Method: Using Eq. 1 Method: Using Eq. 2 Method: Using Eq. 2 Method:  
      DFringe : Dt (s): DFringe : Dt (s):  
      4WA/cl 4WA/c2 [L/(C-v)-L/(C+v)]*C/l L/(C-v)-L/(C+v)  
      Time round trip CW: Time round trip:  
      L/(C-v) L/(C+v)  
          CW : C' = C-V , m/s CCW : C" = C+V , m/s        
      light speed in rotating frame:          
      Note: For example purposes the refractive index is set at 1.    
      Boxes in yellow contain adjustable values - to change a value, simply type it in the box and then press update  
      at the bottom of the sheet.  
      Conclusion: The speed of light measured by the rotating observer is not C but rather C' or C".