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The search for
 new physics.

This website examines historical and modern experiments on the nature of space and light,  and  possible new interpretations based on an alternative approach to the scientific evidence at hand.  Fred Hoyle once said  "anytime you point a new telescope at the sky now you are only going to find what you already know is up there." Has modern physics become complacent? New science is where the real opportunities lie, so we're focusing on the holes in physics theory instead.                       About the Author

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What's new at Conspiracy of Light?

 1) New article (April 2022)  - " Schrodinger's Wave Model of the Atom - A Physical Interpretation."

  2) New article (April 2022) -  "Explanation of the Physical Lorentz Contraction and Time Dilation
                                                        based on Schrodinger's Physical Model of the Electron

 3)  Article (July 2017) - "One Way Speed of Light Test - is it Possible? "

 4) Out most recent investigation of the Faraday Paradox, the long awaited part 2 of our video series with       what we believe is the final answer: :

 5) We ask the question: Is the speed of light constant in a fiber optic gyroscope?  See our video:

 6) We showcase our new fiber optic gyroscope design  using 3D printed parts:


  Our collection of educational YouTube videos, includes: 

Fiberoptics:   Sagnac interferometer (iFOG), Michelson Interferometer

Optics:   Optical bench construction, laser interference, Standing Wave interferometer

Physics:   Home built NMR, water arc explosions, magnetic levitation, vacuum tube sealing, homopolar motors

Paradoxes in Modern Physics 

Do the past, present, and future co-exist? Does time travel at different rates in different parts of space? Is a photon really a particle or is it a wave? Modern physics presents a  world view that is sometimes both contradictory and irrational. - we explore the implications and potential faults in the "consensus view"  - click on the image to the left to find out more...

Historical Papers and Alternative Views

When a theory in science comes into dominance, other interesting and  perhaps equally  valid views are often ignored, forgotten or even suppressed - to the extent that the  historical  ante-cedents of certain modern ideas are obscured...we have attempted to provide internet links to free copies of many fascinating papers,  some  of  which  had not previously been available in english. - click on the image to the left to view our list...

Experimental Tests on the Nature of Light and Space  

In an ongoing series of papers, we examine the history and theory behind the experimental tests used to choose between medium of space theories (a.k.a. the ether) and relativity. We examine the possible flaws with relativity theory, and how a modern interpretation of Lorentz's work might better address these shortcomings - click on the image to the left for more...

Our Experiments and Videos 

A collection of experiments  we have performed over the years, testing  new  ideas or claims made by others.  Also  provided are construction  articles  on  how to build  various  scientific instruments on a budget.  -  click  on  the  image  to  the  left to view our research articles and videos, including our YouTube channel...


Did the big bang really happen, or does a steady state universe better describe reality? Does cosmological redshift really mean that the universe is expanding?  We  examine  some of the key issues troubling cosmology today. -  click on  the image  to the left to visit our cosmology section...

Web Apps

Links  to  our  collection  of  on-line  web tools  and  simulators  for  studying  the behaviour of  interferometers and the expected outcome of various optical and chronographic experiments   -  click on  the image  to the left for the entire list...


"A complete conspiracy is itself a law of nature."

- Henri PoincarĂ© 


last update 12/15/2023

about the author

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