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Historical Papers

Alley, Carol  ( - )

1. Carol Alley (1992) Plans to Improve The Experimental Limit in The Comparison of the East-West and West-East One-Way Light Propagation Times on The Rotating Earth. ( Off site)

2. Carol Alley (1988) Differential Comparison of the one-way speed of light in the east-west and west-east directions on the rotating earth. (Off site)  

Allais, Maurice (1910 - 2010)

1. Maurice Allais, (1954-1960) The "Allais Effect" and My Experiments with the Paraconical Pendulum ( Off site)

Arp, Halton  (1927 - )

1. Halton Arp (1966) ATLAS OF PECULIAR GALAXIES  (Off site)

2. Halton Arp (1986) Quasars in the Central Region of the Virgo Cluster. ( Off site)

3. Halton Arp (2001) X-ray Emitting QSOs Ejected from Arp 220 (Off Site)

3. Halton Arp (2002) NGC 3628: Ejection activity associated with quasars (Off Site)

4. Halton Arp (2007) Quasars and the Hubble Relation. (Off Site)

5. Halton Arp (2007) How certain is the distance to the most luminous supernova? (Off Site)

Builder, Geoffrey  (1906 - 1960)

1. Geoffrey Builder (1957) Ether and Relativity. ( Off site)

Courvoisier, Leopold (1873-1955)

1. Searching for the Ether: Leopold Courvoisier’s Attempts to Measure the Absolute Velocity of the Solar System  (English,Off site)

2. Courvoisier, Leopold (1952) The Observed Speed Fluctuation of Quartz Clocks and the Lorentz Contraction of the Earth. (English Abs)
    German text) Die beobachtete Gangschwankung der Quarzuhren und die "Lorentz-Kontraktion" der Erde. 

3. Courvoisier, Leopold (1936) Prismatic Deviation as a Function of Cosmical Orientation. (German text)

4. Courvoisier, Leopold (1930) Derivation of the "Absolute" Earth Movement from the Observed Lengths of Jupiter's Satellites. (German text).

5. Courvoisier, Leopold (1930) Derivation of the "Absolute" Earth Movement from the Observed Lengths of Jupiter's Satellites. (English text).

Dingle, Herbert. (1890-1978):

1. Herbert Dingle  (1957) The Resolution of the Clock Paradox. (Off site)

2. Herbert Dingle (1972) Science at the Crossroads. (Off site)

3. Herbert Dingle (1980) The Twins Paradox of Relativity. (Off site)

Esclangon, Ernest  (1876-1954): 

1.  Ernest Esclangon (1926) On the mechanical and optical dissymmetry of space in connection with the absolute movement of the Earth. (Eng) 

2. Ernest Esclangon  (1926) The Sidereal Dissymmetry of Space and the Tidal Phenomenon.  (English Translation)

3. Ernest Esclangon  (1927) On the optical dissymmetry of space and the laws of the reflection.  (English Translation)

Alexandre Dufour and Fernand Prunier:

1. Alexandre Dufour, Fernand Prunier  (1942) On the Fringe Movement Registered on a Platform in Uniform Motion (English Translation)

Einstein, Albert (1879 - 1955):

1. Albert Einstein (1905) On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies.

2. Albert Einstein (1905) Does the Inertia of a Body Depend on its Energy Content? ( Off Site )

3. Albert Einstein (1907) On the Relativity Principle and the Conclusions Drawn from it. (Off site. )

4. Albert Einstein (1911) On the Influence of Gravitation on the Propagation of Light.

Essen, Louis  (1908 - 1997)

1. Louis Essen (1978) Relativity and Time Signals. ( Off site)

2. Louis Essen (1977) Atomic Clocks Coming and Going. (Off Site)

Heaviside, Oliver (1850-1925):

1. Oliver Heaviside (1894-1912) Electromagnetic Theory Volume 1. Downloadable from Internet Archive.

2. Oliver Heaviside (1894-1912) Electromagnetic Theory Volume 2. Downloadable from Internet Archive.

3. Oliver Heaviside (1894) Electrical Papers. Volume 1. Downloadable from Internet Archive.

4. Oliver Heaviside (1894) Electrical Papers. Volume 2. Downloadable from Internet Archive

Hoek, Martinus ( 1834 - 1873 ) 

1. Martinus Hoek  “Determination de la vitesse avec laquelle est entrain´ee une onde lumineuse traversant un milieu en mouvement,”

Archives Neerlandaises des Sciences Exactes et Naturelles 3, 180–185 (1868) - M.Hoek 1868 paper in French.

Google Book version in French P. 180 - 185.

2. Martinus Hoek Determination of the Speed with which a Light Wave is Entrained Crossing a Moving Medium. M. Hoek 1868 paper in English.

 Ives, Herbert  (1882-1953)

1. Herbert Ives , Thornton C. Fry (1933) Standing Light Waves; Repetition of an Experiment by Wiener.

2. Herbert Ives ,  (1937) Light Signals on Moving Bodies as Measured by Transported Rods and Clocks.

3. Herbert Ives , (1937) Apparent Lengths and Times in Systems Experiencing the Fitzgerald-Larmor-Lorentz Length Contraction.

4. Herbert Ives , (1937) The Doppler Effect Considered in Relation to the Michelson-Morley Experiment.

5. Herbert Ives, (1937) Graphical Exposition of the Michelson-Morley Experiment.

6. Herbert Ives ,  (1937) The Aberration of Clocks and the Clock Paradox.

7. Herbert Ives ,  (1938) An Experimental Study of the Rate of a Moving Atomic Clock.

8. Herbert Ives ,  (1938) Light Signals Sent Around a Closed Path.

9. Herbert Ives ,  (1940) The Doppler Effect from Moving Mirrors.

10. Herbert Ives , G. R. Stillwell ,  (1941) An Experimental Study of the Rate of a Moving Atomic Clock. II

11. Herbert Ives ,   (1947) Historical Note on the Rate of a Moving Atomic Clock.

12. Herbert Ives ,  (1948) The Measurement of the Velocity of Light by Signals Sent in One Direction.

13. Herbert Ives ,  (1952) Derivation of the Mass-Energy Relation.

14. Herbert Ives ,  (1953) Genesis of a Query "Is There an Ether?"

15. Herbert Ives ,  (1953) Note on "Mass-Energy Relationship."

Kennard, E. H.  (-)

1. Kennard,  E. H., (1917) On Unipolar Induction: Another Experiment and its Significance as Evidence for the Existance of the Aether

Kennedy, Roy, and Thorndike, Edward (-)

1. Kennedy, Roy, and Thorndike, Edward (1932) Experimental Establishment of the Relativity of Time  (Off site)

Lorentz, Hendrik (1853-1928)

1. Hendrik Lorentz (1899) Simplified Theory of Electrical and Optical Phenomena in Moving Systems. (Off site)

2. Hendrik Lorentz (1904) Electromagnetic phenomena in a system moving with any velocity smaller than that of light. (off site)

3. Hendrik Lorentz (1927) Lectures on Theoretical Physics. Downloadable from Internet Archive.   also  Google Book. version.

 Maxwell, James Clerk  (1831-1879)

in "The Scientific Papers of James Clerk Maxwell":

1. James Clerk Maxwell,  On Faraday's Lines of Force. Online copy available here.

2. On a Method of Drawing the Theoretical Forms of Faraday's Lines of Force without calculation. Internet Archive P.241.

3. James Clerk Maxwell, On Physical Lines of Force.  Online copy available here .

4. James Clerk Maxwell, On Reciprocal Figures and Diagrams of Forces. Downloadable from Internet Archive P. 514-525.

5. James Clerk Maxwell, A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field. Downloadable from Internet Archive P. 526-597.

6. James Clerk Maxwell, A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism (1873).

 Michelson, Albert (1852 - 1931) with Morley, Edward :

1. Albert Michelson, Edward Morley (1886)  Influence of Motion of the Medium on the Velocity of Light. (off site)

2. Albert Michelson, Edward Morley  (1881) The Relative Motion of the Earth and the Luminiferous Ether. (off site)

3. Albert Michelson, Edward Morley  (1887) On the Relative Motion of the Earth and the Luminiferous Ether. (off site)

Michelson, Albert and Gale, Henry :

4. Albert Michelson, Henry Gale (1925) The Effect of the Earth's Rotation on the Velocity of Light. Part I.

5. Albert Michelson, Henry Gale (1925) The Effect of the Earth's Rotation on the Velocity of Light. Part II

Other articles relevant to the Michelson-Gale Experiment:

6. A. Michelson, (1904) "Relative Motion of Earth and Aether." Philosophical Magazine (6), 8, 716-719.

7. Ludwik Silberstein (1921) "The Propagation of Light in Rotating Systems." JOSA Vol. 5, No. 4, p. 291-307.

8. A.C. Lunn (1922) "The Propagation of Light in Rotating Systems." JOSA Vol. 6 p.112-120.

9. Ludwik Silberstein (1922) "The Propagation of Light in Rotating Systems, A Rejoiner to Dr. A.C. Lunn."  

 Moon, Parry and Spencer, Domina ( - )

1. Moon, Parry, Spencer, Domina Eberle, and Uma, Shama, (1991) The Sagnac Effect and the Postulates on the Velcoity of Light. (off site).

 Georges Sagnac (1869 - 1926 )

1. Georges Sagnac (1913) Regarding the Proof for the Existence of a Luminiferous Ether using a Rotating Interferometer Experiment. (off site).

 Schrodinger, Erwin (1887 - 1961):

in "Science and the Human Temperament."

1. Erwin Schrodinger,  The Fundamental Idea of Wave Mechanics. Downloadable from Internet Archive. P. 133 - 154.

2.  Erwin Schrodinger,  Indeterminism in Physics.  Downloadable from Internet Archive. P. 43-65.

3. Erwin Schrodinger, Conceptual Models in Physics and their Philosophical Value. Downloadable from Internet Archive P. 119-132.

4. Erwin Schrodinger (1944) , What is Life? (Off site)

 Silvertooth, E.W. ( - )

1. E. W. Silvertooth (1986)  Experimental Detection of the Ether . (off site).

2. E. W. Silvertooth (1989) Motion through the Ether. (off site)

 Su, Ching-Chuan (1955- ) : 

1. Su, Ching-Chuan (2001) A local-ether model of propagation of electromagnetic wave.  (Off site)

2. Su, C.C. (2001) Reinterpretation of the Michelson-Morley experiment based on the GPS Sagnac correction. (Off site)

3. C.C. Su (2002) Modifications of the Lorentz Force Law Complying with Galilean Transformations and the Local-Ether Propagation Model (off site)

4. Ching-Chuan Su (2002) Local-Ether Wave Equation of Electric Field and Interferometry Experiments with Moving Medium and Path (off site)

5. Su, Ching-Chuan (2002) Reinterpretation of Matter-Wave Interference Experiments Based on the Local-Ether Wave Equation (off site)

6. Su, C.C. (2005) Quantum Electromagnetics (Off Site)

7. Su, Ching-Chuan (2005) Reexamination of Barnett's Experiment Based on the Modified Lorentz Force Law (Off site)

8. Su, Ching-Chuan (2005) A Wave Interpretation of the Compton Effect As a Further Demonstration of the Postulates of de Broglie (Off site)

 Wang, Ruyong :

1. Ruyong Wang (1998) From the triangle Sagnac experiment to a practical, crucial experiment of the constancy of the speed of light using

atomic clocks on moving objects. (Off site) 

2. Ruyong Wang  (2004) Generalized Sagnac Effect. (Off Site)

3. Ruyong Wang  (2005) First-Order Fiber-Interferometric Experiments for Crucial Test of Light-Speed Constancy.  (Off site)

4. Ruyong Wang  (2003) Modifed Sagnac experiment for measuring travel-time difference between counter-propagating light beams in a 

uniformly moving fiber. (Off Site)

Wilhelm, H.E. :

1. H.E. Wilhelm , (1992) Galilei Covarient Electrodynamics of Moving Media with Applications to the Experiments of Fizeau and Hoek. (Off site)

2. H.E. Wilhelm ,   Fitzgerald Contraction, Larmor Dilation, Lorentz Force, Particle Mass and Energy as Invariants of Galilean Electrodynamics. (Off site)

 Zeeman, Pieter :

1. Pieter Zeeman ,  (1914) Fresnel's Coefficient for Light of Different Colours. Part 1 (Off site)

2. Pieter Zeeman ,  (1914) Fresnel's Coefficient for Light of Different Colours. Part 2 (Off site)